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    Distribution Merchants
     1.Distributor and Partner  wanted   
            XiYu is based on the arc fault protection technology,and specializes in producing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter(American standard 110v 220v AFCI),Intelligent Security Breaker(with arc protection technology),Mobile Leakage Protection Device(with arc protection technology),Intelligent Safety Socket(with arc protection technology),Low-voltage Circuit Breaker,Molded-case Circuit Breaker,PDU and other products.XiYu actively participate in the constitution of the arc fault circuit technology national standard and fill the gap of China’s low-voltage electrics’ circuit protection technology,therefore improve the electrical safety of the Chinese users.Warmly welcome sales elites to join in XiYu Co.,Ltd.Circuit protection,XiYu goes further!
      2. Join Conditions

    1.Units or individuals with strong market pioneering spirit ,have certain customers and good reputation in the local electrical, fire, construction, design and other related industries ,have the ability to coordinate the local fire departments and government departments,and have a certain design institutes client resources and local social relations, proficient in institute development strategy priority.
    2.Units or individuals that have a mature market idea, have the economic strength to open up markets and regional markets network expansion capability, and have  the ability to actively maintain, direct, manage their LAN.
            Have good reputation.
            Comply with company rules and regulations of the join.
            Have a certain operating funds and liquidity funds for investment of "Xiyu", "wellvolt" brand.

       3. Company Support

    1.Free product samples, product promotional materials,and related technology required
    documents during the marketing;
    2. Provide timely industry information, product update information, and provide regular advertising support, work together to help distributors operate the market;
    3. active participation and collaboration product dealers news conference, exhibition and other forms of related product sales promotion activities;
    4.Provide a positive reception and cooperation for the items of the distributors about the product consulting,study,discussion and so on.;
    5.Provide timely reply to the consulting during the product marketing,and give timely dealing to the appeared issues;
    6.Provide systematic, professional product knowledge theoretical training to the market personnel;
    7. Providing engineering, installation, product installation technical guidance. Provide free exchange of the loss product due to transportation, installation, operation accident.

            Market Analysis
           It's only about 20 years for circuit protection from fuse to the circuit protection.The developing history of the circuit protection in China,from the fundamental overload protection,short circuit protection to the afterward overload protection,undervoltage protection,leakage protection,only takes about 20 years Every technological progress is a huge opportunity.Today,the low-voltage circuit protection technologies are increasingly sophisticated,every progress of each step is a huge leap. Short circuit, leakage current, overvoltage, overload, and other technology has matured.They prevent 90% circuit fault, but still leaves the electrical hazards annually costing nearly 400 million in China from fires, of which 30% belong to the scope of an arc fault. (Note: China Fire Administration 2008 Statistics Yearbook)
             United States have legislated mandatory installation of an arc fault protection in 2001, it has been nine years since then. China has an arc fault protection product, there is no enforceable legal, but we believe in globalization today,  we Chinese will eventually have what USA has.
           China has 60 billion annually in low-voltage electrical appliances domestic market, with the basic circuit protection products becoming sophisticated, the products with arc fault protection features has only just begun. In face of the huge gap in the market which  is being developed and a huge potential demand,the encouraged is  the beach-goers with good vision, the actioners are the future successful business elites.
    Distribution Cooperation Contact
    Contact person:Vice president of Market