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    Brief introduction of AFCI

        AFCI is meant to prevent possible fires by arcing fault identification and detection. This technology was initially applied in aircrafts to prevent fires caused by line aging and damage.
       The US and IEC have been always promoting this important technology.
       UL (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.) published UL1699 Standard in 1999 as a universal AFCI standard.
       The National Electrical Code mandates the installation of AFCI in all dwelling unit bedrooms from January 1, 2002 and that of cord AFCI or LCDI with household air-conditioning from August 1,2004.
        IEC started to develop its own AFCI standard in April,2009 and in 2010, SEARI began to draft the national AFCI standard.
        AFCI technology has diverse applications in all kinds of products including plugs, outlets, arc generators and detectors. It brings us a safer life.
    Technical partner wanted

        Xiyu is only UL certified AFCI manufacturer in China. We have developed a series of multifunctional circuit modules that protect the circuit from arcing fault, short circuit, leakage, overload, over voltage and surge suppression. These modules have been applied in our portable circuit interrupters, receptacles, MCBs and PDU products.
    We are looking forward to cooperate with companies, institutes and other organizations.
    Cooperation Candidates

        Manufacturers of circuit breakers, receptacles, PDU, etc.
        Low voltage apparatus dealers (OEM is available).
        AFCI related research institutes and companies.
        Organizations able to set AFCI industry standard

        Contact: Technical Director